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Managed Cloud Backup


Managed backup of critical files and folders with scheduling options; centralized data management via the web; features SQL, Exchange, Oracle and SharePoint Server backups

With Cloud Backup, we can backup/restore interactively or schedule regular online backups for Windows desktops, laptops and servers. It has a simple, user- friendly interface coupled with powerful scheduling and logging features.

Cloud Backup automatically selects critical data (Desktop, Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents) for backup. Advanced features include Open file Backup, System State backup, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Hyper-V, MS SharePoint Server and Oracle Server backups.


One Account - Multiple PCs & Servers

Single Backup account is all you need to backup data from any number of PCs.

Manage Computer & Servers

Remotely manage your device backups via web-based console.

Multiple Backup Sets

Create multiple backup sets to segregate and backup all of your data.

Optimal Resource Utilization

Incremental and compressed backups transfer only the modified portions of a file.

Hybrid Backup

Complements cloud backup with a secure local storage for all of your files, and assures speedy restores.

Share Anything

Share your files/folders via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Real-Time Backup

With continuous data protection file modifications are backed up in real-time.

Open File Backup

Supports open file backup for most common application data types

System-State Backup

Backup critical system related components to recover from a system crash.

Bandwidth Throttle

Enables you to set the Internet bandwidth to be used by the Cloud Backup application.

Go Back with Versions

Restore up to 10 previous versions of every backed up file in your account.

Stay Informed

Activity reports, backup status reports, share reports - keep you updated.

Salvage Files

Recover deleted files/folders from trash within a period of 30 days.

Cloud Backup Express

Quick backup and retrieval of several GBs of data in less than a week via physical storage shipment.


Data is transferred and stored encrypted using 256-bit military grade encryption.


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